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Romance In Flight

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Dangerous Dragon

 Fighting the nightmares that have plagued her for weeks, Wynter of the Midgard Clan sets off in a hopeless search for her true mate. Leaving the Mawlan Collective of North Texas, Wynter travels to the place of her birth, located in the west highlands of Scotland.
Garrick, known as the Phantom of Loch Shiel, has kept his identity hidden from those who’d once called him friend. Living in the shadows, secretly protecting the innocent from the evil that nearly destroyed him twenty two years before; Garrick has reconciled himself to spending his life alone.
All seems well in the Midgard community when Wynter arrives, but she can’t shake the feeling of being watched and the legend of The Phantom of Loch Shiel is brought into the light. Only Wynter knew he is no phantom, he is a living, breathing dragon who haunts her dreams.
Garrick watches from the sidelines while the one he’d once thought of as his is courted by another. Keeping to the shadows, not wanting to interfere in her happiness, but when she follows him, his life changes once again. For better or worse, he’s not so sure.
Discovering that her true mate lives, Wynter rejoices as the mark of Algamation appears around her Midgard brand, but her happiness is dimmed when Garrick rejects his claim and sets her free. She decides to show him what life will be like with her near, only to find herself the object of sinister intentions.
Evil lurks in the open. A Voltura who wears the mask of a trusted dragon. He calls himself Rua’Scath—the Red Shadow—and is determined to be the leader of the Queen’s army. He’s already built her home, had already recruited dragons to follow him, but there was one thing he wanted before retrieving his Queen from her prison—a mate—and no other would do but the beautiful new arrival from the Mawlan Collective. Wynter.
Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Garrick runs, thinking no one would believe his innocence. However, his disappearance only puts Wynter’s life in danger. Saving her is his main priority and he realizes that he can no longer hide from the world if he was going to keep her safe.
Lies, deception, jealousy, and obsession work to create doubt, but with the help of friends, new and old, Wynter and Garrick put aside their differences and create one perfect soul strong enough to tame a Dangerous Dragon.


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